Small Indoor Helicopter For Beginners


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This helps to birth something new in the heart of every child. You can feel the waves of excitement as they look forward to maneuvering the movement of this elegant product. This can be likened to the cheery adventure of waiting for the end of the year to open that trendy gift wrap. The newness and the enthusiasm that it generates make it sublime. This is one way to help kids experience the wonders that abound in our world because it is full of thrilling beauty. The concept of the Helicopter keeps them engaged in a mindset that is open to new possibilities.

Package List:

1 * RC Helicopter

1 * Remote Control

1 * USB Charge Cable

1 * Tail Blade

1 * Screwdriver

1* User Manual

Length 7.5 inches from nose to rear blade,

Height  4.5 inches from the landing arms to the top of the copter blades.

This helicopter takes 6 AA batteries for the remote controller and the batteries are not included. The helicopter charges via a USB cord provided and takes roughly 1 hour to get a full charge. Once the battery is fully charged the flight time is roughly 5 minutes.

 The remote control has 2 joysticks, an up and down and a left and right. It also has the ability to adjust the left trimmer and right trimmer by pressing a circle button in the middle of the 2 joysticks.

 To fly this helicopter you need to fully charge the battery and then switch the power switch to the on position on the side. This will turn on a bright white light under the nose of the helicopter. Then you turn on the power switch on the remote control. There is a blue light that blinks for a couple seconds on the remote control until the helicopter and the remote control signals match. Then the light goes solid blue. At this point you are ready to fly. You can hover the helicopter by pressing the up and down joystick. To move it side to side you press the left and right joystick. To land it you press the down joystick all the way down (this will stop the blades from spinning).

Not suitable for very young children, please supervise. We will not be liable. All our products are made to strict quality controls.









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